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In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, Alians has signed a mutual cooperation agreement not with one, but with many banks. Such a move allows us to better choose a loan offer and to diversify the risk of possible failure in the process of obtaining funds for our clients.

Something that significantly differs us from many loan brokers is the fact that we do not charge an additional pool of remuneration - with us you will pay for the loan exactly as much as you would pay at the bank's headquarters, and in some cases even less.

Due to the large number of loans we arrange for many banks, we are a fairly serious partner in negotiating the terms and conditions of granting a loan to our client by the bank. We mainly mean: the interest rate, the necessity or not to perform the appraisal by an expert, the amount of the deductible and, most importantly, the number of documents requested by the bank. The bank's representatives give in much faster when we - the company that brings them many clients - fight on your behalf for the best treatment and the fastest possible loan settlement.

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