Project description

It must be described in detail, and here the competitive advantage, innovation and additional benefits offered to the customer should also be emphasized. It is worth demonstrating the impact of the above factors on the increase in profitability. You should focus on the advantages of the company that will allow you to achieve success in connection with the planned project. It is worth demonstrating the uniqueness or competitiveness of an idea, service or product. An additional advantage will also be innovations and new technologies that are planned to be implemented. The order of the project description should be as follows:

Description of the product / service - what and why will be the company's offer. The individual character and scope of functionalities represented by a given product or service should be emphasized. Will it be better, cheaper and more accessible than competitors' products? It is worth indicating information on obtained permits and concessions when required. All information in this area should be factual and specific, and at the same time convincing the investor.
Implementation - how we will achieve the intended idea. For the product: how will it be produced? Where will it be sold? Who will it be offered to?

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