Startup - benefits already in force

PLN 250 / month (for the first 5 months PLN 300)
What's in it?

Due to the fact that you are employed in our company on the basis of a mandate contract, we are obliged to pay from this contract:

1. Insurance contributions to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), thanks to which you and your loved ones (wife, children) are covered by health care,

2. Pay the applicable taxes to the Inland Revenue.

As part of mutual cooperation, you have the opportunity to issue invoices for the orders you have completed for your investors. Until now, you had to avoid these principals or deal with them through your colleagues who run the company. You don't have to do that anymore. It is you who can now issue an invoice for the service you have provided. Invoicing may be made after agreeing the terms with our company.

Due to the fact that you will sign construction contracts with your clients using our templates, you can expect that in disputes - and such situations often occur in the construction industry - you will be able to count on our help, and more specifically our lawyers.

Here are a few words that describe our law firm, which will also become yours:

“The beginnings of the Law Firm go back to the groundbreaking year in every respect 1989. Władysław Misiewicz and Jerzy Mosek - lawyers combining many years of judging, scientific and legal counseling experience - founded the LEXIM Lawyers' Office. It was one of the first Polish law firms of a new type - operating in the formula of a commercial law company, focused on servicing broadly understood business. "

You will not have to worry that in the event of any inspection on the site, someone will ask you a simple question: "what are you doing here, gentlemen?" Of course, it is about the legality of your stay at the construction site. No more black work. It's time to be a legal employee who is visible in the world of work so that you can advertise yourself calmly and work without worries. 

Construction law in art. 81 indicates the authorities empowered to supervise and control compliance with the provisions. These are architectural and construction administration bodies and construction supervision authorities. Architectural and construction administration bodies are municipal and city offices (especially architecture departments). The construction supervision authorities, on the other hand, are the poviat building supervision inspectorate. Authority authorized to enter the construction site Only construction supervision authorities and persons acting under their authorization are entitled to enter the construction site. This means that the Poviat Building Supervision Inspector and the employees of the inspectorate can enter the construction site. He does not need any authorization confirming his right, but the inspectorate employees must have a written authorization issued by their supervisor. The above entities are the only persons authorized to enter the construction site. Employees of commune and city offices (i.e. architectural and construction administration bodies) do not have such a right. The possibility is allowed for the employees of municipal and city offices to appear at most as witnesses during the inspection. They cannot carry out such checks as indicated above.

You have access to the content of contracts developed by over 20 years of experience of our company. These contracts effectively protect your interests in contacts with your clients.

Thanks to the fact that you are employed with us, you have priority in our construction and finishing works.

Usually, we carry out several investments at the same time (construction of a single-family house) at the same time during the year and therefore we are able to provide you with continuous work under already signed contracts.

Our company is flexible, so we adjust to your work time as well as we do not interfere with personal orders.

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