Kartuzy, Prokowo

Price: PLN 644,000

Price per meter: PLN 6,375.99

Offer manager:

Adrian Boris

phone: 665 049 904

e-mail: adrian@alians.eu





Offer number: DS-28760

Description of the offer

Alians Deweloper Development Company presents you with a comprehensive and unique offer, consisting of the possibility of purchasing a construction plot in Prokowo and ordering the service of building a house according to the proposed design: 'House in Kostrzewy 6_877' with the price: PLN 226,000. PLN in CLASIC finishing condition (We offer 4 developer finishing levels to choose from). The presented building design and the plot can be replaced or adapted to your own criteria during discussions with our company. Our comprehensive offer includes, among others, obtaining a building permit, all paperwork related to building a house, adapting the package of finishing works and high-quality construction materials used, thanks to which the house is built with high energy efficiency. The time needed to construct a building, including obtaining a building permit, is 8-10 months from signing the contract. If you are interested in our comprehensive offer of building a house + plot, more information will be provided by our consultant. Offer number in our office: a37978

Offer sent from the Galactica Virgo system

Offer parameters

Land area

1079 m2

The square footage of the house

101 m2

No. of rooms



PLN 644,000

Price per meter

PLN 6,375.99


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