Wejherowo, Borowo

Price: PLN 641,000

Price per meter: PLN 6 103.99

Offer supervisor:

Marcin Bugajny

tel: 785328255

e-mail: marcin@alians.eu




Offer number: DS-20993

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Description of the offer

A comprehensive offer which includes this particular plot (with the price: PLN 140,000) and the service of building a single-family house on it. The house itself (PLN 501,000 - project: 'JustinZ102_360') is in the developer's condition - CLASIC - with obtaining a building permit, with PUR foam in the roof ... Only internal doors, white assembly, decorations on the floors and external connections are missing. In the MINI version - closed shell - the house would cost 329,000. zloty. You can also choose from other house designs and other plots at alians.eu. The construction time is 4 months and the building permit is twice as long. More information at a meeting at the construction site or by e-mail. Offer no: 37689

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Offer parameters

Land area

700 m2

House area

105 m2

Number of rooms



PLN 641,000

Price per meter

PLN 6 103.99


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