Żukowo, Miszewko

Price: PLN 564,000

Price per meter: PLN 5999.99

Offer supervisor:

Tomasz Seroczyński

tel: 726 608 808

e-mail: tomek@alians.eu




Offer number: DS-20769

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Description of the offer

I offer this particular plot (with the price: PLN 99,000) and the service of building a single-family house on it. The house itself (PLN 327 thousand - project: 'Lucia DCB88_328') is in the developer standard - CLASIC - with obtaining a building permit, with PUR foam in the roof ... Only internal doors, white assembly, decorations on the floors and external connections are missing. there are also other house designs and other plots on alians.eu. The construction time is 4 months and the building permit is twice as long. More information at a meeting at the construction site or by e-mail. Offer number: N29312

Offer sent from the Galactica Virgo system

Offer parameters

Land area

1000 m2

House area

94 m2

Number of rooms



PLN 564,000

Price per meter

PLN 5,999.99


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