3. Project selection

Design selection

This is a relatively simple activity, in the first stage, it takes one or two weekends. It is different with changes: shifting partition walls, removal of windows, terraces, balconies, etc. It is good if, for this occasion, drawings will be created and sent to our architects.

But whatever it is, for many of you the choice of the project is of secondary importance, because first the plot, and you are ready to adjust to the house more or less. There is a lot in this, but not entirely. Let me explain:


Wybór projektu

Those who travel through the Kashubian land are struck by the extraordinary richness of landscapes.
If you believe the old legend, it came from the fact that God started creating Kashubia at the very end.
And because he had a lot of "building material" left from various lands that he had completed earlier, he threw it all on the Kashubian soil - and it has remained so to this day.

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