Organizational and legal form

Konsorcjum Budowlane Alians

There are many organizational and legal forms of running your own enterprise in Poland. These include: individual business activities of natural persons, a civil partnership, a general partnership, a partnership, a limited partnership, a limited joint-stock partnership, a joint-stock company and a limited liability company.

The choice we had to make in this matter is so important because it has consequences at the beginning and also in the later stages of business. For different types of forms, there are different conditions that must be met when setting up a company.

When choosing the organizational and legal form, we were guided by the size and profile of the business. Due to the fact that our goal is the fastest and best possible performance of the service - construction works when erecting houses - for such a complex project we must employ a large group of people, specialists in their industry, specialists in their narrow range of works that interest us very much.

By introducing all these companies and people to one economic entity, which is the Construction Consortium, it gives us a relative certainty of their commitment and the reliability of work performed for our Investors / Clients.

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