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load-bearing wall

aerated concrete blocks with a compressive strength of 600 kg/mm2 and a thickness of 24 cm. The thin-jointed mortar used accelerates construction work and improves the thermal parameters of the wall.


Wind insulation

To ventilate the roof structure, an empty space between the membrane and the roof covering laid on a grid of battens and counter battens is sufficient

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Adoption of a child

at a distance, from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We give up part of our profits to help poor people where they live. In this way, we want to contribute to stopping the wave of emigration "in search of bread".

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Roof construction

made of softwood - its advantage is the possibility of creating significant spans of wooden trusses without the need to use supporting pillars.


Vertical insulation

facade polystyrene with a thickness of 15 cm and a lambda coefficient of 0.040 W / Mk

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PUR foam

insulation with PUR foam - the material perfectly adapts to slanted, difficult surfaces. Thanks to its expansion, it penetrates into the smallest gaps, preventing the formation of thermal bridges; when a one-story house - in the ceiling

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Simple earthworks

For the calculations, we assumed a flat and dry plot requiring foundations of standard depth. The foundation on the outside is protected against moisture with polystyrene foam and dimpled foil.

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Base plate

Under the entire building, we pour an individually designed concrete slab, taking into account the quality of the ground and the terrain.


The roof is covered with a counter batten

strengthening the roof structure with counter battens, which at the same time serves to prepare for the installation of tiles

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Concrete, poured ceiling

in the case of two-story houses or with an attic, the ceiling is a reinforced concrete monolith; when one-story - made of structural wood

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