Few words about me

Mieczysław Aleksander Sowiński - about himself

Why such a presentation?

I think that by writing a few words about my passions, I will become closer to you, which can significantly affect our cooperation in finding the best location and the best design for your home. Today, a lot is written about oneself, about one's passions, about what moves us and what we like. This is mainly done on Facebook. I am not there, because you act there on the impulse of the moment, you often share photos, views, opinions without thought. Here I wanted to have a moment and influence on it, and the possibility of correction later 🙂

What am I living now?

Well, there are many things that move me these days, that I like to hear, talk about and deal with. Maybe I'll put them in order of importance, that is, the ones that are most important to me will be at the beginning. It doesn't mean that I devote the most time to them, but rather that there is a kind of gradation here, I am ready to give up some of them sooner, and not others.


It's not very popular these days to talk about something intangible and intangible, but the matter of recognizing His will is important to me.



It is primarily my beloved wife Asia, a gift that happened to me, without whom I could not develop normally (thank you dear) and children: Przemek, Daria, Karolina, Olga and Marta. Five children is quite a number, they all call me "dad", although two are "by blood" and three are by heart. Asia and I run separate companies, which helps us a lot when we are looking for the best solutions – we share our insights. We like spending time together, especially since we spend most of it at home. We are also connected by some passions because together we like kayaking, playing tennis, walking, and cycling. Even though we spend almost 24 hours a day together, we are never bored, especially since my Asieńka has so many ideas and enthusiasm for new challenges and activities.


Maybe here I will list them all together, on one exhale: motorcycle and sport. I don't know which is better, because everything is cool, but you can't always do it. Because, for example, in recent years I can only practice cross-country skiing in Polana Jakuszycka - and this is quite a trip. Sometimes a little snow falls and I knead the routes in the nearby fields, but before I have time to knead them, the weather changes and the snow melts. On our family trips to the ski slopes, I go with my wife and friends. It is a very light form of relaxation and chilling on the slopes. I especially like hot chocolate and white and blue mountain views there. 

Kitesurfing is a fun sport. Here you can feel the power and enormity of the surrounding nature. The wind can be gusty and unpredictable in its power and the same applies to the sea. The cool thing about all this is the company and a lot of acquaintances that are made thanks to kitesurfing. It is true that this is quite a young sport, but every year there are more kajciarze on the Bay and it is getting more and more crowded on the water.

A lot of these passions, but as I wrote at the beginning: I sometimes give up some of them for family and other matters. The next one is a motorcycle. I will not say that I can disassemble and reassemble it myself, because it is not. I know many colleagues who do this with their steeds. I don't. I am impressed by its power and acceleration as well as this freedom of movement - maybe a little limited, but compared to a car, it is huge.

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