Ownership structure

Struktura Alians A few words about the owners

The leader of our Consortium is the company @lians responsible for representing the Consortium outside, i.e. the organization and running of the Customer / Investor Service Office, while the consortium members: Evaluateplus and other persons are responsible for the rest, i.e. for providing equipment, materials, employees and subcontractors. Installment payments are made to the account of Evaluateplus.

The consortium consists mainly of members of the Sowiński family and this is the key to employment as well as the distribution of roles and responsibilities. Ability above all else is the ability to cooperate and collectively solve cases and tasks. This is to be achieved through family ties built over the years not only at work, but also outside of it.

When presenting the ownership structure, first of all, it is necessary to indicate the connections between the owners, along with their short description of education and professional experience, and possible connections with other economic entities. Important information in this section is information on the distribution of shares, the amount of capital contributed by individual members, as well as the scope of duties and responsibilities.

In this respect, too, the new company has a different description from the existing one.

An existing company on the market - should describe the management in detail, showing the professional experience, education, skills and achievements that are crucial for the success of a new venture. It is important to indicate the ability to use the acquired knowledge to achieve the intended goals.

Start-up - Must focus on accurately describing all the skills possessed by the owners and management. It is known that the better the management, the better the company's results. In this case, what matters most is the scope of knowledge that the people responsible for running the company have and the knowledge of the industry.

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