Ownership structure

Struktura AliansA few words about the owners

The leader of our Consortium is the @lians company responsible for representing the Consortium outside, i.e. organizing and running the Customer / Investor Service Office, while the consortium members: Evaluateplus and other persons are responsible for everything else, i.e. for the supply of equipment, materials, employees and subcontractors. Installment payments are made to the Evaluateplus account.

The consortium consists mainly of members of the Sowiński family and this is how employment and the division of roles and responsibilities are made. The ability above all else is the ability to cooperate and collectively solve issues and tasks. This is to be served by family ties built over the years not only at work, but also outside of it.

Professional experience of the main persons: Mieczysław Aleksander Sowiński, b. 1968 since 1994 owner of companies mainly related to the purchase and sale of real estate, and in the last several years their development, graduate of the University of Gdańsk and GUT, responsible for everything, but mainly for contract and settlement. Joanna Sowińska, wife, graduate of the University of Gdańsk. Daria Anna Sowińska, daughter, graduate of the University of Gdańsk, getting used to the process of managing the company and its online advertising. Przemysław Robert Sowiński, son, graduate of GUT, mainly focusing his attention and interests on heating systems using solar collectors and other similar energy supply systems. Tomasz Seroczyński, brother-in-law of Mieczysław Sowiński, for several years Production Manager, supervising the construction process of single-family houses and coordinating construction schedules. Adrian Borys, cousin of Mieczysław Sowiński, a graduate of WSB, for many years representing the sales department, both direct and online. Marcin Bugajny, a graduate of studies at WSTH, a long-time construction worker, currently the sales department and direct contact with investors.

The better the management, the better the company's performance. In this case, what counts is the scope of knowledge possessed by people responsible for running the company and the knowledge of the industry.

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