Mission, visions and goals

General assumptions

In our actions, we adhere to Christian values such as honesty, justice in mutual relations between people and respect for the holy day. On our own we are not able to do it without help "from above", so we made the act of entrusting our company to Almighty God, counting on his help.


Assisting clients throughout the house building process. This is done through our involvement in the search for the plot, obtaining the appropriate building permits and the construction of the house itself, including its partial finishing.

Misja, wizje i cele


The Alians consortium focuses on its expansion into other voivodeships of the Republic of Poland by establishing its branches or representative offices. ABOUTbraz the Alians Consortium in the future 

Here are the goals we set for ourselves:
economic - profit, profitability at the level of sales of a minimum of 10 houses per year.
financial- financial liquidity, creditworthiness, self-financing, increasing the capital structure,
market- turnover, market share, market positions, new markets,
social- safety, job satisfaction, social integration, ensuring staff development,
associated with power and prestige - independence, image, prestige, social influence.

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