A house in a CLASIC developer standard - Gdańsk, Pomeranian Voivodeship

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load-bearing wall

aerated concrete blocks with a compressive strength of 600 kg/mm2 and a thickness of 24 cm. The thin-jointed mortar used accelerates construction work and improves the thermal parameters of the wall.


Vertical insulation

facade polystyrene with a thickness of 15 cm and a lambda coefficient of 0.040 W / Mk


Wind insulation

To ventilate the roof structure, an empty space between the membrane and the roof covering laid on a grid of battens and counter battens is sufficient


External windowsills

tin, in the color of the roof

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If usable attic

insulation with PUR foam - the material perfectly adapts to slanted, difficult surfaces. Thanks to its expandability, it penetrates into the smallest gaps, preventing the formation of thermal bridges.


The roof is covered with a batten and a counter-batten

reinforcement of the roof structure with battens and counter battens and preparation for the installation of tiles



Tin - better quality



PVC, 3 glazing, white on both sides, fixed to the load-bearing structure of the building

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Made of aerated concrete blocks with a minimum thickness of 12 cm

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Internal stairs - if there is an attic

In the case of two-storey houses or houses with a usable attic, solid and safe reinforced concrete stairs lead upstairs.

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related to obtaining a building permit and official acceptance of the building - we only carry out simple, uncomplicated documentation,

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Concrete, poured ceiling

reinforced concrete monolith - when a house with an attic, when one-story - wooden.

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acceptance of commissioned utility installations (e.g. chimneys, ventilation, electricity, water and sewage, gas)

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Simple earthworks

For the calculations, we assumed a flat and dry plot requiring foundations of standard depth. The foundation on the outside is protected against moisture with polystyrene foam and dimpled foil.


Exterior doors

PVC with a strip lock with 3-point locking, color acc. current offer, anti-theft

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Garage door - when available

insulated hinged gate additionally with the option of remote control

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Base plate

Under the entire building, we pour an individually designed concrete slab, taking into account the quality of the ground and the terrain.


roof windows

3-pane, five-chamber, max 3 pieces, U=0.9

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Roof construction

made of softwood - its advantage is the possibility of creating significant spans of wooden trusses without the need to use supporting pillars.

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Steel tile

A classic shape imitating a traditional ceramic tile. It is produced in two variants of the module length: 350 and 400 mm. The Szafir roofing sheet was awarded the POLISH PROMOTIONAL EMBLEM of the 13th edition of Teraz Polska.


Photovoltaic panels

A solar power plant is a device that will produce electricity for you for decades for free. This will have a very big impact on your electricity bills

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Floor heating

Electric floor heating based on heating cables is made in a concrete screed - floor



covered with mesh, glue and plaster - the colors are discussed with the Investor.



External finish of the roof eaves in the form of a wooden planking, in color acc. current offer

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Central ventilation

Compact fan of the central exhaust air system for controlled ventilation of the apartment at low installation costs.

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The walls from the inside

lined with drywall (partitions and ceilings) on the remaining plaster or drywall

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electricity, water and sewage in accordance with the building design, but without an external connection

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Internal window sills

Conglomerate, marble-like

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