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Bearing wall

aerated concrete blocks with a compressive strength: 600 kg / mm2 and a thickness of 24 cm. The thin-joint mortar used accelerates construction works and improves the thermal parameters of the wall.

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Vertical insulation

facade polystyrene with a thickness of 15 cm and a lambda coefficient of 0.040 W / Mk

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An empty space between the membrane and the roof covering placed on the grid of battens and counter-battens is sufficient to ventilate the roof structure.

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External window sills

sheet metal, in the color of the roof

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If the attic is usable

PUR foam insulation - the material perfectly adapts to sloping, difficult surfaces. Thanks to its expansion, it penetrates into the smallest gaps, preventing the formation of thermal bridges.

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The roof is covered with a batten and a counter-batten

reinforcement of the roof structure with battens and counter battens and preparation for the installation of tiles

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Child adoption

at a distance, from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. We are giving up some of the profits to help poor people where they live. In this way, we want to contribute to curbing the wave of emigration "in search of bread".

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PVC, 3 pane, white on both sides, fixed to the supporting structure of the building

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Made of aerated concrete blocks with a minimum thickness of 8 cm

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Internal stairs - if there is an attic

In the case of two-story houses or houses with a usable attic, solid and safe reinforced concrete stairs lead to the top.

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related to the receipt of a building permit and the official acceptance of the building - we only provide simple, non-complex documentation,

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Concrete, mastic ceiling

reinforced concrete monolith - when a house with an attic, when a one-story house - wooden.

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commissioning of commissioned utility installations (e.g. chimneys, ventilation, electrics, water and sewage, gas)

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Simple earthworks

For the calculation, we assumed a flat and dry plot requiring foundations of a standard depth. The foundation on the outside is protected against moisture with polystyrene and dimpled foil.

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Exterior doors

PCV with a 3-point locking lath, color acc. To current offer, anti-theft

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Garage gate - when it is

insulated tilt gate additionally with the option of remote control

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Foundation plate

Under the entire building, we pour a concrete slab individually designed, taking into account the quality of the soil and the topography.

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Foundation plate

Under the entire building, we pour a concrete slab individually designed, taking into account the quality of the soil and the topography.

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Roof construction

made of coniferous wood - its advantage is the possibility of creating large spans of wooden trusses without the need to use supporting poles.

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Steel tile

A classic shape imitating a traditional ceramic tile. It is produced in two variants of module length: 350 and 400 mm. The Szafir metal roof tile was awarded with the POLISH PROMOTIONAL CODE of the 13th edition of Teraz Polska.

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Solar panels

A solar power plant is a device that will generate electricity for decades for free. This will have a very big impact on your electricity bills

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Floor heating

Electric underfloor heating based on heating cables is made in a concrete screed - floor

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covered with mesh, glue and plaster - the colors are discussed with the Investor.

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External finish of the eaves of the roof in the form of wooden shuttering, in the color acc. To current offer

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Central ventilation

Compact fan for the central exhaust air extraction system for controlled home ventilation at low installation costs.

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Walls from the inside

lined with plasterboard (partition and ceilings) over the rest with plaster or plasterboards

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Construction project of electrical installation for a single-family house

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Internal window sills

Conglomerate, marble-like

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Tinplate - better quality

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