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Online meeting

To meet the staff of our company office, you need to: 1. call us by phone or 1. Complete the survey of your preferences, here: "Preference survey" 2. Your e-mail will be sent an invitation to an ON-LINE meeting in Teams application. You must accept them; zaproszenie Log in to your microsoft account or create a new one, if there is no one.
Thanks to the Microsoft TEAMS application, we have the opportunity
1.calling - standard, voice connection, the quality of which depends on the speed of our internet connections (usually there are no major problems with it)
2. videoconferencing - a fairly good internet connection is required, preferably over 50Mb / s
3.file sharing - the function is often used, especially if you want to send you an offer to build a house, floor plans, geological surveys, etc.
4.sharing the desktop - the conversation is often faster and more precise where you and we can see and comment on the same screen
5.inviting other people to talk - there is no need to invite many people to the office: a) your supervisor + b) company owner + c) production manager + d) construction manager + e) material procurement man f) etc.
6. valuation of house designs - the program allows you to provide detailed calculations that give you an insight into the detailed costs of your construction
I sincerely recommend using this program. More:
You're welcome
Writing directly, in a slightly different language, we explain our actions in this way: "we switched to ON-LINE, we will build, of course, 🙂 we will be in real life ... but with one Investor: SMS, with another Messenger, with another WhatsApp, with another phone only, with another Google Zoom etc.
That is why we have a "top-down" regulation from our CHIEF:
the whole company moves to the application: Microsoft TEAMS and all customers too.
We switched to work in the ON-LINE system and if someone is talking to someone, all salespeople and Managers in the company may know about it. Before, we were physically in one place, and when one was talking, the other heard. It is not so now. To remedy this, we all talk using one program to avoid chaos "
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