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The area of our activities, or a few words about how and where we operate


Searching for building plots and construction of single-family houses these are the two main areas of our activities. For many years we have been helping people who dream of having their own home. We know how difficult it is to meet all the requirements related to the purchase of a plot of land construction of a detached house. We do it completely from scratch, while explaining every step to investors. While building a house in the raw state, we provide constant contact and consultations. Thanks to this, our clients have control over what is currently happening at the workplace of our construction team.

Development houses from Alians are made of known and proven materials, including: aerated concrete or polystyrene blocks. We want our work to be of high quality and that is what we always strive for. We encourage you to contact our consultants who will explain the individual stages of cooperation construction of single-family houses. We operate within the Pomeranian Voivodeship and have prepared a special offer for residents of individual towns:

Building a house in the Pomeranian Voivodeship

Currently, especially among young people, the most popular choice for a place of residence is the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Many people dream of moving there, but what effectively discourages them are real estate prices. As Alliance, developer with many years of experience, we can offer you to buy a plot or a house in the vicinity of the capital of Pomerania. We know how difficult it is to make the decision to make your dreams come true. That's why we decided to help everyone who is looking for support in building a house. However, not everyone can cope with this task. And it is for them that we have prepared a special offer houses for sale in Tricity and surrounding areas. This option can be used by all those who need to move into a new place quickly. Houses in a shell state this is an increasingly popular solution. Don't wait and find out what their advantages are today!

Sale of real estate in Pomerania

Searching for plots for future owners and selling real estate in the Pomeranian Voivodeship are the main areas of our activities. If you are interested in purchasing houses in a premium standard, then consider cooperation with our company. This type of facilities are slightly more expensive, but Alians specialists will certainly present a satisfactory offer. Currently, it is definitely worth investing your capital in two-family houses, especially when the market offers so many options for reasonable mortgage loans. There is a cost and credit calculator on our website, you can use them and verify your creditworthiness.

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