2. Plot selection

Plot selection

At the very beginning, we try to get to know your expectations, what you are looking for and what you want, and on this basis assess whether we are able to present an offer. This is the purpose of the aforementioned preference survey, a telephone conversation and a meeting - at the beginning ONLINE. Most of our customers want to order from us the so-called "set", i.e.:
  1. finding a plot
  2. obtaining a building permit
  3. construction
  4. connections
  5. "finishing"
In short, it can be said that we are able to deal with all this, but one by one and under certain conditions. The situation is different when you already own your plot or "on the eve" of its purchase. Then we go to see it and determine whether and for how much we are able to undertake such an investment.

The first so-called "conditions" after which we are ready to deal with this topic.

First, for the sake of clarity, let me remind you of some obvious facts: we are development company engaged in building houses. The plots that we have in our resources are mostly not ours, they do not belong to our company, they are owned by various natural persons. We only help in choosing the right one, using our many years of experience resulting from the huge number of transactions in which we have participated. Experience supported by the so-called  know how in the scope of arranging a building permit and all related matters ... to the point:


At the very beginning of our contact (first phone calls, ONLINE meetings) we try to present you the entirety of the actual investment costs:
how much will you spend on plothow much for a house in a developer standard, how much for its finishing and connection to utilities.

If the amount obtained from this enumeration does not scare you, only then do we move on: matching the right plot.

We present the first plot completely free of charge, free of charge 🙂 We undertake the next presentations only after making a payment of PLN 1,000 as part of the price of the house you intend to put with us. Your guardian goes to the area designated by you (one or two towns) and, meeting with plot owners and agents, looks for the right one, about which he knows from conversations with you.

Please note that we will not always undertake this order. When, for example, someone tells us the search area: Gdańsk Osowa plot for about 200 thousand. We will not accept any payment. We know that 99.9% of all our clients for whom we found the right plot started building their house with us.

We don't earn anything from the plots. If the example "Kowalski" lists an offer price of 210 thousand. PLN, this information along with his phone number, geodetic number of his plot will be sent to you. We will not add any commission, because we know that we will build a house for you, and this is the subject of our activity.

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