Plots ... don't be scared, we'll do it all for you.

We are looking for plots where each of us would look for them: on the Internet. There are a lot of offers, but only some of them are included in our offer. We focus on those that are nearby, i.e. up to 30 minutes by car to work. Of course, this is different, especially in rush hour.

We call the owners of plots and ask about the most important things for us: 
- Exact location (we are interested in the geodetic or GPS number of the plot)
- Its purpose in the spatial development plan
- Water, electricity and sewage (or gas) connections
- Its dimensions, especially those on the front of the plot
- Proximity to the public road.

In short, this is what interests us in the first stage. Of course, its price is very important, although in the first stage it is not that important, because the very willingness to sell is what counts, and the market verifies things such as price.

Equipped with such knowledge, we start the process of entering the offer into our system - a proprietary database program. Here, each piece of information has its own field, has its place, so that it is easy to find a given offer / plot, e.g. by its size, geodetic number, etc.

A given plot sale offer is updated by us on average once every 3 months, sometimes more often, but also sometimes less often - it depends on whether a given area is often interested in customers / buyers.

All information provided to us by the owner of the plot is made available to those interested, including the price of the plot. We do not hide anything, even in the first stage of contact, on request, we provide the price and the geodetic number of the plot, without adding anything for ourselves or any commission to the price.

I do not want to frighten you with the information that I will present below, I just want to raise the rank and validity of the decision regarding the choice of this or that plot. When checking the plot, remember to:

- what is the status of the plot (construction, agricultural, recreational, etc.); It seems simple, but believe me, it is not, because, for example, a plot of land may only have zoning conditions, but not be covered by the spatial development plan, and there is a problem. It may not be a big problem, but when dealing with banks that would grant a loan for the purchase of such a plot, such information becomes a big problem. We need several months to settle the matter. There may be another case: the plot has important zoning conditions for, for example, 7 plots and thus 7 houses. When one of the plots has been sold, the conditions are no longer valid, despite the fact that they apply to as many as seven plots. Funny but true. I can assure you that the one who bought such a plot and is in the process of arranging a loan for it is not smiling. Or another case ... or maybe it will be enough, I don't want to bore you. I would love to see you and tell you about many, many other land plot status determination cases.

- establishing the owner of the plot. Check in the land and mortgage register to see if the names match those we heard in the first contact with the seller. After logging into the online land and mortgage register service, we browse its contents, trying to understand something from dozens of different frames and strange entries. I must admit that it still takes me some time to find the information I am looking for. I look enviously at the notaries who skim through these frames without stuttering. It happened to me more than once to talk to the wrong person, but claiming to be the owner, or the person on whom everything depends. You have to be patient and vigilant then, because again I could tell you a few stories, the ending of which was not funny, especially for the buyer. But usually there are no major problems with determining the owner. The problem begins when we want to negotiate the price, because it may depend on many factors, not only on the market price. Once, I heard a client telling how many things he wants to buy with the money obtained from the sale: a dress for his wife, a car for himself, a flat for one and the other child, and for the rest ... it was difficult to communicate :). Sometimes a colleague from work, father-in-law or a quiet wife, standing by the side of the plot, has a big influence on the price. Negotiations always last several days, sometimes they can only extend up to several months.

- how far are the connections, especially water, because electricity and sewage are usually not a major problem. It must be remembered that for each meter of distance of your plot to the water you will have to pay about PLN 100. Water is very important, without it - of course - it is impossible to live, but also it will not be possible to receive the building after its construction. It often happens that when we turn to ENERGA we hear that we have to wait for the connection to the electricity. How much? One year, the answer is given. Shocking. It happens so, regardless of where the plot is located, it can even be the city center. The ENERGA company must organize a tender for the construction of this one connection, and this can last for months.

- legal status of the plot - that is: established mortgages, easements, not only on the plot that we are buying, but also on the access road. Everything should be looked at, because the same is what the lawyer of the bank to whom we will go for a loan does the same. He will use a very simple scheme: the plot must be "clean" with a clear status and a free first position on the mortgage. Access to the plot should also be checked, but not only the one close to it, but step by step up to the public road. It is not important that the neighbors already have houses, somehow they commute to them, so we probably won't have a problem with that either. No, it doesn't have to be that way. Officials, lawyers and bankers will look into this case once again and check everything very carefully. The absence of any of the boundary stones may also extend the purchase process by several weeks, but may also be months. I remember a situation when it was necessary to call all the neighbors in order to create a protocol on the plot border. The owners did not show up. It all took several years.

There are still many things that need to be highlighted. I could write and write about them here, but I will only indicate them: whether the plot is included in the fixed assets of the economic activity conducted by the owner; if in the vicinity of the plot, the commune / city does not provide for the construction of a landfill or something similar burdensome for residents; what is or will be located in the immediate vicinity of the plot (neighbors on the left, right, whether the appearance of their property or the way in which it is housed will not affect the value of our property.

- and finally I left an important thing for myself, such as the size of the plot, especially at the front, because thanks to them we will know what we can put on it, how wide and how deep our future house can be. The spatial development plan will tell us how high our house can be what the maximum permissible roof pitch can have, what can be the height of the knee-shaped wall, the height and the building area of our building.

Please don't be scared, we will do it all for you. We do the above and a bit more - such as geological surveying of the ground, in order to assess its stability.

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